Manchester’s latest complex synth-routed and mechanised robotic percussion jazz and electronic duo.  

Comprised of Liviu Gheorghe (formerly of Matthew Halsall) and Rob Turner (formerly of GoGo Penguin), their sound has been described as a 'sonic exploration of the universe', incorporating high-energy breakbeats, psychedelic synth textures, acid bass lines, and explosive jazz-infused virtuosic improvisation.  

With echoes of electronic wizards Fourtet, Aphex Twin, and Square Pusher, as well as nods to the explorative free spirit of Pharaoh Sanders and Herbie Hancock, ELF Traps' live show is a voyage through melanphoric, manga-tinged ambient-synth textures and fiery jungle-inspired bassline grooves.  

Their unique blend of electronic and jazz elements creates a soundscape that is both otherworldly, mesmerizing, playful, and spiritually uplifting.